Garden room

These garden rooms are different from the traditional summer houses in that they are made of high quality materials more akin to a house design and are highly insulated for warmth throughout the seasons. Whatever you need extra space for, a garden room will fit the bill. A home office, a studio, a gym or even an extra bedroom. A garden room can be designed to suit any and all of your needs. You can design the Garden room yourself and whatever you design, we can create a 3D rendered picture of the building so that you know exactly what you’re getting before the build. If you prefer, we can design a bespoke building for you. You tell us what your needs are and we will design a garden room that meets all your requirements.

Bespoke Garden Rooms to Suit Every Need

The ideal way to add an extra room that can be used all year round, choose a uniquely designed garden room by Garden Home and Build.

Fully insulated buildings complete with glazing and electricity make garden rooms the perfect addition to any property. Garden rooms are designed to be utilised all year round, making them ideal for offices, studios, gyms and children’s playrooms. In fact, with garden rooms, the possibilities are endless.

Design Your Perfect Garden Room Today

We offer a personalised and customised service from the start of the project until the very end. Firstly, we will design an entirely bespoke building that meets all of your requirements. We work with you from the very beginning to get a picture of your vision. From your ideas, we will create a 3D rendered image so that you can see your conception brought to life. Once you’re happy, we will get to work to make your ideal garden home a reality. Our skilled designers and experienced builders work together to create the perfect garden room that is a worthwhile investment and an ideal addition to your property.

Great Uses for a Garden Rooms

Garden rooms can be used for many different situations because of their versatility and the fact they are suitable to be used all year round. Some of the best uses of a garden room include;

  • A year-round personal gym
  • An office or studio with beautiful surrounding that inspires creativity
  • A hang-out den for kids and teenagers
  • A personal retreat to relax and unwind
  • A welcome area of shade in the garden for summer.



The floor structure is separated from the base by heavy duty DPM laid over the slab of concrete. Layer of insulation separates the floor from concrete and floor deck and helps to maintain warmth of the floor.

Is a solid concrete slab of 200mm thick with its top positioned 30-50mm above the highest point of the ground.


The garden office has a flat roof with a shallow gradient diverting rainwater in to the downpipe. The waterproof layer is a glass reinforced plastic ( GRP) to grey anthracite colour with life span of a GRP product in excess of 50 years and comes with 20 year material guarantee. Roof structure is made of treated timber of 140 x 50 mm and 100 mm Kingspan rigid insulation.  Foil backed Kingspan insulation keeps the heat loss to a minimum and increases energy efficiency of the build.


The load bearing part of the wall is the stud work made of treated timber outsourced from well managed forests. The void between studs filled with 100mm Kingspan insulation and 11mm OSB3 panels wrapped into vapour control layer to provide an effective condensation control


Made of high quality UPVC of RAL Plastics choice of colour on exterior and white interior.