Log Cabin

Here at Garden and Home Build we take care of all the stages of creating a personally designed, traditional, wooden structure summer houses or log cabins as a perfect addition to your garden. It is a spacious room that can be adapted for a variety of uses: Office, Study, Gym, Playroom, etc. We deal with all stages of the build from the construction of a 15cm concrete slab upon which the structure can be erected to the final stages of decoration if required. Our log cabins are made of high quality timber. The walls are made of 34 or 44 mm thick timber boards that are interlocked to create a solid building. The wall boards are factory cut and smoothed to create a special seal that excludes water and draughts. Our log cabins feature quality doors and windows that can be single or double glazed with contemporary style fittings and mortice locks. There is a choice of green, grey or red felt roofing tiles. The log cabins are weather proofed with a wide choice of quality wooden stains from Sadolin.

Improve Your Garden with a Summer House

Enjoy the outdoors and get more from your garden with a traditionally English summer house.

At Garden and Home Build, we know how versatile and practical a summer house can be. We design and build customised and personalised summer houses that meet the client’s exacting needs whether they want to turn the space into an office, gym, playroom, artist’s studio or simply a place to unwind and enjoy the garden.

Five Reasons Why Your Garden Needs a Summer House

Summer houses are highly practical and deliver so many benefits such as;

  1. Gives you a relaxing environment to get away from the stresses of daily life
  2. Creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, ideal for making the most of the summer months
  3. Adds value to your property and gives you additional space
  4. Easily accessible, yet private – perfect for creating an office or art studio or workshop
  5. Use can be changed throughout the year, from a storage facility, reading snug to a romantic dinner setting.

Summer Houses For Your Garden Or Allotment

To create a personalised space that truly makes the most of the outdoors, our summer house designs are perfect for your garden or allotment. When built right, your summer house doesn’t need planning permission, but our team will happily explain all of the requirements so that your build is completely stress-free. Our designs are fully weather protected and use the finest quality materials so you can be sure of a well-crafted structure.


Standard Log Cabins